The Red Rocker Experince


“Are we havin’ fun yet”? Hell yeah baby!

It is the Best of Both Worlds! The Red Rocker Experience brings all the great and iconic Sammy Hagar tunes to life! It’s all Sammy, all the time!

After more than a dozen years of performing Van Halen’s DLR era music as HOT FOR TEACHER (HFT), it was high time that the band decided to include the other half of the VH canon with a contemporaneity popular string of #1 hits and albums from Sammy Hagar – affectionately known as Van Hagar.

Showcasing Van Hagar’s song selections has been a passion to this group, and has lead to huge crowd moments, sing-a-longs, and most importantly… a f’n great time! The foreshadowing began when HFT performed in San Francisco with VH, Other Half & Chickenfoot member, Michael Anthony, back in 2003. Today, in the same fashion, the band also rocks out earlier songs from the Sammy discography as well.

This dynamic tribute now performs a number of other hits from Hagar’s 4 Decades of Rock; leading off with the legacy of the original guitar wizard Ronnie Montrose, then on to Sammy’s famous solo work – and of course includes the great and aforementioned Van Hagar hits.

With an uncanny knack for channeling both David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar, singer and bandleader Randy Monroe belts out Montrose, Sammy, and Van Hagar’s powerful but melodic vocals and irreverent lyrical sound bites with the same passion and intensity of the original recordings, all the while conjuring the “Livin’ On a Coastline” Sammy Hagar life-style and vibe. The ripping, virtuosic guitar parts of Eddie Van Halen played by 6-string sharpshooter Terry Lauderdale, will not only impress the Montrose and Sammy fans, but even the most finicky of the Van Halen fans as well! Four-string super hero Matt Lundy brings the Bill Church thump and Michael Anthony thunder on bass, and he also amazingly nails Anthony’s near-inimitable ultra-high vocal harmonies – a crucial sonic element of every Van Halen song. All of this while drum genius and perfect meter-man, Eddie Studebaker, evokes the groove of Denny Camassi, the power of David Bro’ Lauser and Alex Van Halen’s skin-bashing with an authenticity and power you can only see to believe.

Born in 2013, The Red Rocker Experience has been worked in front of a number of NorCal’s most discriminate “Redheads” that included shows at the awesome Slim’s SF, Club Fox, Swabbies on the River, Sammy’s Island Bar & Grill, and at the famed Sweetwater Café. It was at the Sweetwater in 2014 where The Red Rocker Experience performed a sold out benefit show for Liza Lauser (Liza 2.0). The show naturally included an entire Red Rocker set with Sammy’s oldest friend and famed Wabo drummer (original percussionist on all of the biggest hits), David Lauser.

So, even though you’re not “Standing in Hampton” with a “Three Lock Box”, Hagar fans will enjoy the “VOA” because “I Never Said Goodbye” to the “Red Voodoo” that The Red Rocker Experience spreads through the music of Sammy Hagar.

So get your “Redhead” self to a gig.

It’s time to start “Livin’ It Up”!

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Upcoming Shows

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Past Shows

05 Aug 2017 RockSkool, The Red Rocker Experience Corning, CA Rolling Hills Casino Rolling Hills Casino
05 May 2017 The Red Rocker Experience Sacramento, CA Swabbies on the River Swabbies on the River
10 Feb 2017 The Red Rocker Experience Redwood City, CA Club Fox Club Fox
02 Dec 2016 The Red Rocker Experience Walnut Creek, CA Dan's Irish Sports Bar Dan's Irish Sports Bar
03 Jun 2016 The Red Rocker Experience Novato, CA HopMonk Tavern HopMonk Tavern
28 May 2016 RockSkool, The Red Rocker Experience Corning, CA Rolling Hills Casino Rolling Hills Casino
12 Mar 2016 HOT FOR TEACHER, The Red Rocker Experience Walnut Creek, CA Dan's Irish Sports Bar Dan's Irish Sports Bar
15 Jan 2016 The Red Rocker Experience San Francisco, CA Slim's Slim's
Rock the Nation

Rock Candy

Bad Motor Scooter

Spacestation #5

I’ve Got The Fire


I’ve Done Everything For You

I’ll Fall In Love Again

Heavy Metal

There’s Only One Way To Rock (short)

Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy

Three Lock Box (short)

I Can’t Drive 55

Eagles Fly

Little White Lies

Mas Tequila

Why Can’t This Be Love?


Summer Nights

Best of Both Worlds

Love Comes Walking In

When It’s Love

Cabo Wabo

Feels So Good

Finished What Ya Started

Black and Blue



Right Now

Top of the World

Can’t Stop Loving You

Don’t Tell Me (What Love Can Do)

Eruption/Really Got Me (DLR VH)

Ain’t Talkin’ ’bout Love (DLR VH)

1984/Jump (DLR VH)

Panama (DLR VH)

Won’t Get Fooled Again (The Who)

Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay (Otis Redding)

Piece Of My Heart (Janice Joplin)

Whole Lotta Love (Led Zeppelin)