HOT FOR TEACHER is excited to announce the addition of professional drummer, John Linn, to it’s explosive lineup. Since the age of twelve years old, John has been playing the drums. He played with whoever he could throughout his youth and at twenty-one, he began touring with the band, Crosscut, a blues and rock band. In his mid-twenties, John taught drums and attended college studying music theory. Soon, he was the go-to drummer to sit in on tracks for many artists.

Later on, John Linn offered his drumming expertise to many more bands in need of a substitute drummer for live performances such as: Tres Hombres (ZZ Top Tribute), Riff Raff (AC/DC Tribute), and AC/DZ (AC/DC Tribute). Frequently in the recording studio as a hired drummer, he brings bands the extra punch needed to make their songs more exciting. His backup vocals and musical arrangement skills enhanced the structure of original songs.

A familiar face in the Sacramento Music Scene, John has played with many Northern California artists including Cherrybomb (John Mellencamp Tribute), Skynyn Lynyrd (Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute), Maiden California (Iron Maiden Tribute), FooTube (Foo Fighters Tribute), and Celebration Day (Led Zeppelin Tribute). He also founded his own new cover band in 2017, as well as the band Unglued – Sacramento’s Tribute to the Stone Temple Pilots.

Experienced, talented, and professional – John Linn is ready to rock HOT FOR TEACHER style!