HOT FOR TEACHER’s CD Release Party was a smashing success and a whole lot of fun last Saturday at the Little Fox in Redwood City. Many of our longtime friends were on hand for the occasion including Mr. Brad Gillis. It was a “Family Affair” complete with Mr. French and Mrs. Beasley.

Louis Reyes, aka Gene Simmons was the MC of the evening who brought HFT on to the stage [after 1=”finding” 2=”us” 3=”on” 4=”the” 5=”Sunset” 6=”Strip” 7=”and” 8=”flying” 9=”us” 10=”out” 11=”to” 12=”New” 13=”York” 14=”to” 15=”record” ]. “Gene” joined the boys halfway through the set and played “Rock and Roll All Night”.

HFT performed the whole Van Halen I record in order to begin the show which was later joined by Brad Gillis and former HFT bassist Aaron Leigh, jamming out Night Ranger’s hit “Don’t Tell Me You Love Me”, Ozzy’s “Paranoid” and then ripped into “Crazy Train” during which, Aaron actually did “go[ing] off the rails on a crazy train” by tumbling off of the side of the stage into the jeering crowd – never missing a beat in classic Rock-n-Roll fashion.

HFT broke out their new, “Multi-Media HFT Panama-O-Vision” with video clips from vintage Van Halen along with some “hot” HFT logos and graphics from all the aforementioned bands during the show.

See you all at the Oakley Almond Festival!