In August, Randy and the HOT FOR TEACHER guys ran in to the Blue Angels in Spokane, WA while both groups were on tour. During the annual Fleet Week Celebration over the past week the Blue Angels had HOT FOR TEACHER – The Van Halen Experience perform a private show for the entire company.

“It was a night to remember. Everybody is still buzzing and talking about it!”, exclaimed SStg Tommy Zurek!

HFT were invited as guests Saturday to watch the air show. Then, on Sunday Rockin’ Randy, Rude Jude and some close friends were given the special opportunity to fly aboard Commander Russ Campbell’s C-130 affectionately known as Fat Albert Airlines, aka The Vomit Comet.

Commander Campbell (Russ) had Rockin’ Randy sit up in the cockpit, while he and the crew went through the airshow routine for the hundreds of thousands of spectators on the ground. Randy also did a couple of “live” phone-in interviews with Mark Seelig of KCBS 740AM radio just prior and right after the trip while “on-board”.

“Not a bad way to begin HFT’s new alter ego officially breaking out in November, Rockin’ Randy’s Flying Circus, the Classic Rock, R&B and Original Music Experience”.