HOT FOR TEACHER and Rockin’ Randy’s Flying Circus were both on hand to perform for a 40th Birthday Party in beautiful Laguna Niguel SoCal last weekend. The bands never sounded so good. HFT did some VH classics and RRFC covered a slew of 80s material with “Rude” Jude Gold on guitar all night.

Both HFT and RRFC were slated by many of the powers that be, to do at first the Morgan Hill Community Independence Day show, then the Santa Rosa County Independence Day show. But do to some crazy bureaucratic communication snafus with both city governments and agencies, we simply decided to celebrate with family and friends at home; which will officially begin at 6:00PM on Friday July 3, at the 2009 Alameda County Fair with our ol’ buddy Brad Gillis and Night Ranger. Yes, WE will Still Rock in America!

We want to wish everyone a happy and safe 4th of July weekend!