This is from an archived HOT FOR TEACHER forum post dated July 21, 2005

Thanks for the compliments, much appreciated.  I had a positively raging time playing with HOT FOR TEACHER!

Thanks for suggesting me to Randy when Tyrannosaurus Terry got hired for the big Europe tour with Heathen.

It was an absolute pleasure playing those roller coaster riffs with a band that can handle all the twists and turns.

Aaron Leigh (HFT bassist 5/05-12/05) and Chris Kontos (HFT drummer 5/05-9/05).  You guys are truly amazing!

And, not to kiss up to the boss, but I hope everybody who never saw Roth-era Van Halen realizes what a treat Randy’s giving you – he’s actually SINGING the songs, and he’s singing them with same or more volcanic intensity than the original album versions. That’s a LOT more than DLR, god bless him, ever used to do or does at live shows. And to be in a room full of true Van Halen fans like that, was like going to church for me. I’ve always been a huge VH fan; now I’m also an HFT fan.

To quote Steve Perry, “…ooh oooh, anytime that ya need me…”

Cheers all,
-Jude Gold