HOT FOR TEACHER, the Van Halen Experience will be featured as part of Walnut Creek’s hugely popular “live” rock/dance venue Retro Junkie, which sponsored many streaming concert events throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The Soundwaves TV show will be broadcasted this Saturday, July 24th, 2021 at 9:00PM PST on San Francisco’s KOFY TV 20 and will be hosted by KSAN 107.7 The BONE’s beautiful DJ Chasta.

Originally recorded on Friday July 3, 2020 while much of the country and world were in lockdown, HFT performed this streaming benefit with well over 12,000 views in celebration of “live” Rock~n~Roll and in an effort to help keep our home club afloat.

In 2020, Productions in partnership with Spider Ranch Productions was also the catalyst for the first “live” rock concert on 6/12 & 6/13 and subsequent summer series aptly called the “Roll In & Rock Out” socially distanced, mask wearing, drive-in shows at the Alameda County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton and Bradley Ranch Winery in Elk Grove, CA through Rocktober. With a 200 vehicle limit, thousands over the course, attended these mostly SOLD-OUT rock & country tribute shows that were the only “live” music in northern California and for hundreds of miles!

We want to thank all the people who have kept HFT working and support the music of the mighty Van Halen!

As we prepare for our 22nd Anniversary in a month, HFT are currently in production putting the finishing touches on some new video which will be released real soon!

–Love & Peace to All,
Randy, Tommy, and da boyz!